Dissemination in Italy

On the occasion of the workshop organized by Bcc Mediocrati of Cosenza, the project “Eskills for volunteers” was presented to all the people present at the event.

dissemination in Italy

Dissemination Event In Italy (Futuro Digitale)


On 14th of October 2017 Futuro Digitale , has organized an event with organizations and young volunteers to present the project at the Sant’Antonio Abate (Na).

During this event hold in Sant’Antonio Abate,  Antonio Gallo, president of the association, spoke about “e-Skills for volunteers” project and its goal, such as improving and encouraging the acquisition of digital basic skills for volunteers working with youth, cultural for the association.

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Short Staff Mobility

The short staff mobility part of the KA2 Project “eSkills for Volunteers”, took place from 23rd of June to 29th of June, 2017 in Torremolinos, Metropolitan Area of Malaga. The training was hosted by Asociación Projuven, coordinator of the project.

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Asociación PROJUVEN has welcomed 16 youth workers/leaders and volunteers from Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain interested in the field of digital education and willing to know more about the opportunity that digital skills could offer for their professional and personal development. All participants were active member of the project partners. Understanding the Digital Skills Gap was one of the priority of the mobility, that’s why we have focused to empower youth workers and volunteers to fully exploit all the potentials of digital education and digital skills.

During the staff training we have discussed topics in the form of four workshops such as Project Management, Digital Marketing Basis, Programming and web development, and the importance of Social Media. The participants had an opportunity to learn how to manage a project, using GANT Chart, RoadMap, to create website using wordpress, to develop their own idea about successful business and to present it using their digital skills. The workshops presented the topic of every e-Learning module (Intellectual Output 1) of the project. The participants were invited to join the online learning courses which will be publish in October, 2017.

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During the last day of the project participants had a chance to visit Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía (Technology Park of Andalusia –PTA) where is based Andalucía Emprende. The Andalucía Emprende Foundation exists under the auspices of the Junta de Andalucía’s Consejería de Economía y Conocimiento (Department of Economy and Knowledge), and has the mission of providing the best services to promote entrepreneurial initiative and business development in order to contribute to a more dynamic regional economy and Andalusia society. In the facilities of Andalucía Emprende, the project participants had the opportunity to came into contact with the entrepreneurship reality of Andalucía and learn more about the services promoted by the centre such as creation, coaching and support to young start-ups and cooperatives.

Overall, the mobility achieved its expected outcomes. The training reinforced ICT digital knowledge and uniform the basis of work of ICT-active organisations, improving the quality of awareness, raising activities and also encouraging young talents to mastering their digital skills in their non-profit and civil society job. In addition, the mobility gave to participants the chance to discover the host territory, to exchange cultures, typical food of each country, dances and traditions through an intercultural night.

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The short staff mobility ended up with release of the Youthpass and certification of the KA2 Project “eSkills for Volunteers”.

Participants ‘ interviews

Italy Risultati immagini per icona italia

Interview Ferdinando (Futuro Digitale)

Interview Sandra (Futuro Digitale)

Spain Risultati immagini per icona spagna png

Interview Francesco (Projuven)

Interview Debora (Projuven)

Interview Jesus (Projuven)

Interview Elvira (Projuven)

Romania Risultati immagini per icona romania png

Interview Gabriel (Geyc)

Interview Madalina (Geyc)

Interview Vera (Geyc)

Interview Georgiana (Geyc)

Portogallo Risultati immagini per icona portogallo png

Interview Horia (Mobility Friends)

Interview Sara (Mobility Friends)

Interview Ana Rita (Mobility Friends)


Local dissemination event on KA2 project “eSkills for Volunteers“

In the framework of the project KA2 “eSkills for Volunteers“, on 26th of May 2017, the president of Asociación Projuven, Dr. Francesco Ruberto presented the project to the student of IES Martín Aldehuela (Institute of secondary education) in Malaga, Spain.

During the seminar were discussed the specific objective of the project and the importance of digital skills for both social inclusion and employability for young people. They are regular users of technology but research shows that they often not have the relevant skills to be savvy or competent users.

Projuven presented to the students the survey results of the “Questionnaire about digital competence of the Volunteers”. The quest was created as part of KA2 project “eSkills for Volunteers” and its main objective was to learn more about the needs of volunteers in the digital field and analysed the current situation at national and EU level. A total of 220 Volunteers and Youth workers across Europe participated and gave their opinion on competence needs and problems in the digital field who will help the consortium to create the e-learning courses for the project (Intellectual Output 1).

The youngsters were invited to join the online learning courses which will be publish in October, 2017. To those wishing to develop and improve their skills and practices in managing volunteers in the non-formal digital education space the partners of the project will create 4 different e-Learning modules on relevant topic:

  1. Project management
  2. Programming and web development
  3. Digital Marketing Basis
  4. Digital Marketing Strategy

The main tool which will be used for the e-learning courses of the project is Google Classroom. The platform has a lot of advantages, it is easy to use and the access is free. Any youngsters/ volunteers are welcome to attend it. Each module will be approximately 25 pages plus quizzes, in order to guarantee a greater interest of youth on it.

The dissemination event ended up with a presentation of the Erasmus plus programme and all its opportunities for international mobility for young people.


Intermediate Meeting

Intermediate Meeting Report

eSkills for Volunteers

Strategic Partnership in the field of Youth



Project Coordinator: Asociación PROJUVEN

Project partners:

Associazione di Promozione Sociale Futuro Digitale (Italy)

Associação Intercultural Amigos da Mobilidade (Portugal)

Asociatia GEYC (Romania)

Meeting Venue: Piazzetta Meroli, 87010 Terranova da Sibari, Italy (Futuro Digitale office)

Date: Terranova da Sibari, 26/05/2017

Meeting Agenda: From   9.30 am to 20.00 pm

Morning Session:

9.30 am – 13.00 am: Workshop on Microcredit to New Entrepreneurs and Dissemination eSkills for Volunteers

The Intermediate meeting of eSkills for Volunteers held in Italy has undergone a change considering the participation at Workshop on Microcredit to New Entrepreneurs to foster the young entrepreneurship promoted by BCC Mediocrati, Arcidiocesi Rossano-Cariati and Progetto Policoro.

During the workshop, Chiara Manna spoke about the Erasmus+ Programme and its priorities, based on socio-economic context of Europe, where there are more than 6 million of unemployed youth. Erasmus+ is an important opportunity for young people who want to participate and be more active to the democratic life and into the labour market. She spoke about the projects that Futuro Digitale is working on and, in particular, spoke about eSkills for Volunteers and introduced the Intermediate Meeting, inviting the representatives of partnership.

Lunch Break: From   1.00 pm to 2.30 pm

Afternoon Session:

 2.00 – 2. 30 pm: Checking the project progress and the state of art.

Partners discussed the results of each national work on best practices on ICT volunteering, volunteers’ questionnaire results, respecting of project GANTT chart deadlines and local dissemination activities implemented.

2.30 pm – 4.30 pm: E-learning Platform

The introduction of Antonio Gallo, president of Futuro Digitale, about Google Classroom, the main tool to use for the e-learning course of eSkills for Volunteers. He showed how to use it, the properties, advantages and key elements to know, how to upload documents, links, images, videos, etc., how administrators of course and students can use it and attach their own  homework. This is relevant in order to implement the project website and training content on the platform.

During the meeting Futuro Digitale created already the subdomain of eSkills account in order to add the email of participants using @e-volunteers.eu on Google Classroom.

4.30am – 6.30 pm: Explanation Contents of E-learning modules

At that time, the consortium decided that each module will be approximately 25 pages plus quizzes per each module of e-learning course, in order to guarantee a greater interest of youth on it.

Further, GEYC and Mobility Friends, with the partnership, spoke about their module that have to implement. Considering that Social Media skills and Digital Marketing are quite similar, they decided to change the structure and contents on the same topic as follow:

  • Mobility Friends will write its module on technical features of Social Media and Digital Marketing (scheduling, targeting, posting, how Facebook works –pages vs groups- photos, videos, email marketing, design newsletter, google tools);
  • GEYC will write its module on strategy of Social Media and Digital Marketing (how to use and what is their impact, evaluation of impact, order the posts about the organisation, etc)

The new order of modules will be as follow:

  1. Project management – PROJUVEN
  2. Programming and web development – FUTURO DIGITALE
  3. Digital Marketing Basis – MOBILITY FRIENDS
  4. Digital Marketing Strategy – GEYC

Each module will include an interview of digital entrepreneurs.

The deadline of this module will be:

  • 15th September 2017: delivery date of draft
  • 16th-22th September 2017: check week of modules
  • 22th-29th September 2017: Overseeing and revision of draft
  • 30th September 2017: Official delivery date

Further on 1st of September the partnership will launch the call for participants and the e-learning course will be available from 1st of October to 15th of December 2017.

Futuro Digitale will prepare within 15th of August the Google Module in order to collect the request and application of participants interested to attend the e-learning course. The module will include: Name, Surname, Nationality Country of residence, range of age, email. The Italian partner will check the application and reply to participants 1 time per week.

Projuven will send to participants a reminder in order to promote and encourage participants to follow the e-learning course and complete the modules.

Geyc will prepare a promotional post in order to share on the website and Facebook page of eSkills for Voluteers and will prepare it each first of month.

Mobility Friends will design and deliver the certificate of attendance to the e-learning course. They will propose a draft on the last meeting held in Romania and will deliver it at the end of January 2018.

The quiz of each module will consist in a multiple choice test and each partner will check the answers of participants related to their own module

6.30pm – 7.00 pm: coffee break

7.00 – 7.30 pm: Creation of a European report (IO2)

Gabriel Brezoiu (GEYC) responsible of IO2 will prepare a draft of the milestones to follow for the implementation of IO “Creation of a European report on management of volunteers in the field of digital education”. GEYC will send the draft before the last meeting, in order to discuss and give suggestions and idea on it.

About the contents of e-learning courses and all session of the short-term joint staff training events for June 2017, the consortium decided that each group will prepare workshop related to the topic of e-learning module and will share their job during the training week and the group will follow the order of e-learning module as guide to implement the workshop.

The date of the final project meeting that will take place in Bucharest (Romania) organized by GEYC will be 10th-12th December 2017.

About the dissemination events, each partner will collect the main information of participants, such as: Name, Surname, Email and Signature. In this way, the partner can send them a certificate of attendance to the dissemination event on eSkills for Volunteers

7.30 pm- 8.00 pm: Closing Meeting

  • Release of Certificate of Attendance to project participants.
  • Greetings