Dissemination event on KA2 project “eSkills for Volunteers”.

During the kickoff meeting of the “Employability Skills 4 Youth” (ES4Y) project in Zone i, headquarters of Polo Tecnológico de Rosario, Argentina (13-14 of March), the president of Asociación Projuven, Francesco Ruberto presented to partners his work related to the KA2 project “eSkills for Volunteers”.

The project is based on the importance of digital skills for social inclusion and employability, one of the highest priorities of the European Commission. In the fight against youth unemployment, mastering these skills is becoming essential to fill the huge gap created by the digital revolution.

The duration of the project KA2 “eSkills for Volunteers¨is 20 months and the main objective is to reinforce ICT digital knowledge in order to strengthen social inclusion and uniform the basis of work of ICT-active organisations.

During the dissemination event were highlighted the specific objectives of the project:

  • To empower youth workers and volunteers to fully exploit all the potentials of digital education and digital skills.
  • To give the possibility to NGOs to count on volunteers/young ICT experts.
  • To establish an innovative way of learning by using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) methodologies and virtual collaboration.
  • To strengthen formal and non-formal learning for young people across Europe.
  • To foster inclusive education.

The project includes an extensive research based on real needs of organisation and volunteers involved in digital education,a training activity for youth workers /volunteers and an Open Online Course with video material available to those wishing to develop and improve their skills and practices in managing volunteers in the non-formal digital education space.In addition, will be elaborate an European report available to all stakeholders and interested parties to give a clear overview on the current challenges and opportunities as well as demonstrating project results, study case and best practices in the field.