Welcome to the Silicon Valley of Transylvania – Cluj-Napoca

GEYC Community organised a visit in Cluj-Napoca called “The Silicon Valley of Transylvania“. This is the first domestic visit outside Bucharest as part of #invizita programme, 25 people took part together with two group leaders: Gaby & Brigitte. This visit was part of “E-Skills for Volunteers” project and allowed the participants to have direct interaction with the representatives of Tetarom technological and industrial park and Impact Hub Cluj-Napoca and thus to get a better understanding on the eskills needed for having a digital start-up. Moreover, the participants surveyed the inhabitants of Cluj-Napoca in order to discover their level of understanding on digital entrepreneurship.

Gladly, I’ve had a pretty nice experience when #invizita. The group leaders did their job in a very friendly and professional way (in the same time) and I would like to recommend this kind of “project” to anyone interested. The main reason that had me there, have been the people, which I need to say, they are amazing. And again, the people will be my main reason for the next “programme”. Thanks for the chance to be part of this experience.
#invizita is a really cool concept that combines both sightseeing with visits to different cool companies. This way one not only has fun, but also learns something. Being for the first time in Cluj, I really feel like I got to go to the best places, like Cluj Arena, Ursus Brewery, Impact Hub, Gilau Lake … And all this in the company of awesome people! I loved it! I strongly recommend others take a chance on this programme as well! Ana Virlan