Dissemination event in Italy

On 25th of March 2017 Futuro Digitale organized an event focused on Erasmus+ programme  and digitals skills as an high priority by the European Commission, in order to reduce the ICT skill gap that  is growing to unacceptable level.

During this meeting hold in Rossano,  Antonio Gallo, president of the association, spoke about “e-Skills for volunteers” project and its goal, such as improving and encouraging the acquisition of digital basic skills for volunteers working with youth, cultural, social, etc. associations. Thanks to this project, the consortium will contribute to promote social inclusion, tolerance, respect for diversity and non-discrimination.

Through this event, it was possible to highlight the importance of these skills, which nowadays are relevant to carry out own job and role, even within associations.

Further, it was necessary to speak about the project in a youthful and dynamic context, essential element concerning the topic, and in particular to encourage the involvement of key actors in the digital era and  wide use of digital tools. During the meeting they were involved 10 Portuguese students hosted by Futuro Digitale, as intermediary organisation, to do their internship in Italy. The dissemination even was based on an intercultural and European context, in order to spread as much as possible the main objectives of e-Skills for Volunteers project and Erasmus+ programme.

Young people represent the mainly target of the project and, at the same time, they make a sounding board for the dissemination of the results to reached through the project activities.

The dissemination event coincided with the last days of participation to the digital skills questionnaire, in order to give greater visibility to the survey and identify the needs of the target group. The dissemination of the questionnaire was carried out through the main communication channels used by the partnership, such as social, email, newsletters, etc., which could involve a wide number of stakeholders on the topic.

Futuro Digitale, in collaboration with the partners, wants to promote the social inclusion and empower youth workers and volunteers to strengthen their soft and digital skills. In particular, the outcomes of this project will ensure the possibility to the target group to enrich their knowledge to exploit all the potentials of their digital skills and be more active and fulfil involved in their own organisation.