Dissemination event in Portugal

The main objective of the “eSkills for Volunteers” Key Action 2 Erasmus+ project is to reinforce ICT digital knowledge in order to strengthen social inclusion and uniform the basis of work of ICT-active organisations. The expected outcome is to improve quality of awareness, raising activities and also encouraging young talents especially from diverse, fewer opportunities or disadvantaged backgrounds. The outputs will specifically focus on matters such as recruitment, communication, retention, conflict management and rewards for volunteers in the field of digital education. The duration of the project KA2 “eSkills for Volunteers¨is 20 months.

As part of the dissemination process of the project, several presentations were held in order to share and present the activities and necessity of this project to the target audience (EVS volunteers and youth workers) as well as to young people that study subjects related to ICT and that are possible future EVS volunteers. This event took place in Centro Social João Paulo II, located in Apúlia, Portugal on 28th of April 2017.

The participants to the dissemination were presented an introduction to the project. Afterwards, the dissemination of the results of the enquiry took place, discussing the differences in needs and expectations of participants from around Europe. The participants to the event were first shown the questions to the inquiry and were asked to project percentages for the answer of each questions. Amongst the questions were the following:

  • Which free tools do you use to share your contents (if any)?
  • What are the most sought after digital skills among youth workers/volunteers in your country?
  • Which is the best way for the youth workers/ volunteers to improve their digital skills?
  • What would be the most suitable duration for an e-Learning course you would attend?

These results were debated amongst the participants, checking if their expectations were close to the reality of the inquiry. At the meeting took part people from different countries: Portugal was represented the local community and local youth workers; from Poland there were participants in other Erasmus+ projects and possible future volunteers, as well as local EVS volunteers; from Slovenia there were participants in Erasmus+ projects working in Intercultural Association Mobility Friends; and from Turkey, EVS volunteers. The meeting was organised with the intention of disseminating ‘eSkills for volunteers” project to a wide area of people from different backgrounds.

During the dissemination were highlighted the specific objectives of the project:

  • To empower youth workers and volunteers to fully exploit all the potentials of digital education and digital skills.
  • To give the possibility to NGOs to count on volunteers/young ICT experts.
  • To establish an innovative way of learning by using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) methodologies and virtual collaboration.
  • To strengthen formal and non-formal learning for young people across Europe.
  • To foster inclusive education.


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