Digital Skills at School

Futuro Digitale, in collaboration with IIS. E. Majorana in Rossano,  is working on work-related learning project addressed to students aged between 15-17 years and aimed to understand  the role of webmaster.

In particular, the activities are based on two topic: web and apps and they are involved in different activites as follow:

  • Software Development;
  • Cloud File Sharing Development;
  • Creating and managing a website;
  • Creating and managing an app;
  • Design, implementation and management of public networks through Wi-Fi hotspot technology
  • Close marketing.

During this activities, it was important for the association speak about  the right and efficiently use of  digital tools, considering that youth live in a digital era, but the majority of them don’t know how to make the best use of digital potential.

Thanks to this workshop, Futuro Digitale staff had the opportunity to share the objective included into the questionnaire about the Digital Literacy, know their opinion on digital skills of youth and their need in order to improve their skills and knowledge on this topic.