Workshop in Italy

eSkills for Volunteers at Workshop on Microcredit to New Entrepreneurs


Futuro Digitale, with BCC Mediocrati, Arcidiocesi Rossano-Cariati and Progetto Policoro, is carring out an important initiative on the promotion of youth entrepreneurship. On 26th May 2017 in Corigliano Calabro held the latest Workshop “Il Seminatore” on Microcredit to New Entrepreneurs to foster the young entrepreneurship.

During the workshop, Chiara Manna spoke about the Erasmus+ Programme and its priorities, based on socio-economic context of Europe, where there are more than 6 million of unemployed youth. Erasmus+ is an important opportunity for young people who want to participate and be more active to the democratic life and into the labour market.

She     paid close attention to Erasmus experiences, focusing on Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, the program set up in 2009 to help aspiring European entrepreneurs to acquire the skills needed to start and / or successfully manage a small business in Europe.

She spoke about the projects that Futuro Digitale is working on and, in particular, spoke about eSkills for Volunteers and introduced the Intermediate Meeting, inviting the representatives of partnership.

A brief video on the event and the intermediate meeting held in Italy.

eSkills for Volunteers 26 May 2016