Local dissemination event on KA2 project “eSkills for Volunteers“

In the framework of the project KA2 “eSkills for Volunteers“, on 26th of May 2017, the president of Asociación Projuven, Dr. Francesco Ruberto presented the project to the student of IES Martín Aldehuela (Institute of secondary education) in Malaga, Spain.

During the seminar were discussed the specific objective of the project and the importance of digital skills for both social inclusion and employability for young people. They are regular users of technology but research shows that they often not have the relevant skills to be savvy or competent users.

Projuven presented to the students the survey results of the “Questionnaire about digital competence of the Volunteers”. The quest was created as part of KA2 project “eSkills for Volunteers” and its main objective was to learn more about the needs of volunteers in the digital field and analysed the current situation at national and EU level. A total of 220 Volunteers and Youth workers across Europe participated and gave their opinion on competence needs and problems in the digital field who will help the consortium to create the e-learning courses for the project (Intellectual Output 1).

The youngsters were invited to join the online learning courses which will be publish in October, 2017. To those wishing to develop and improve their skills and practices in managing volunteers in the non-formal digital education space the partners of the project will create 4 different e-Learning modules on relevant topic:

  1. Project management
  2. Programming and web development
  3. Digital Marketing Basis
  4. Digital Marketing Strategy

The main tool which will be used for the e-learning courses of the project is Google Classroom. The platform has a lot of advantages, it is easy to use and the access is free. Any youngsters/ volunteers are welcome to attend it. Each module will be approximately 25 pages plus quizzes, in order to guarantee a greater interest of youth on it.

The dissemination event ended up with a presentation of the Erasmus plus programme and all its opportunities for international mobility for young people.