Ana Rita Ferreira – Mobility Friends

Tell us about the “eSkills for Volunteers” training experience.

This was, certainly, an enriching experience not only due to the interesting and current theme, but especially due to the contact with people from other countries that made us aware of different realities and contextualized their daily use of e-skills. It is through this intercultural contact that we become aware of the disparities of the use of e-skills and the importance of taking into account cultural factors, besides demographic, social, etc. in our communication, especially on social media. Everyone from each country shared a bit of their experience and knowledge which is quite relevant since we can learn from each other’s success and mistakes and use that to exponentially improve the performance of our own organizations.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the training?

To me, the most important was learning about new tools and how to make the best use of the tools I’m already using since that has a direct and quick impact on the efficiency of my performance and that will, consequently, translate into a better performance of the organizations in which I’m involved.

In your opinion, why digital skills are important for youth workers/volunteers?

We live in the digital era. E-skills have become vital not only for our professional lives, but also in our personal sphere and in such a globalized World it is essential to master the technology that brings us closer and that brings the possibility for our actions (individual or organized) to have a global impact

In the context of volunteering, not only e-skills allow tasks to be carried out in a more efficient and less expensive way (which is particularly important in this situation) but they also allow us to promote our causes to a much bigger universe of potential supporters.