Ferdinando Lavergata – Futuro Digitale

Tell us about the “eSKills for Volunteers” training experience

It was a great experience where I met very smart and professional people, organisers were very nice and also the venue of the training was very good. During the training, I learnt a lot about how to use efficiently my digital skills but also new ones acquired for the benefit of my organisation, Futuro Digitale, but especially for the youth. Before coming to this training for staff, I thought that I am already very experienced in this topic even because I am a web developer and I already realized many websites for non-profit projects. Nevertheless, I learnt to listen from others and be ready to share good practices. For sure, it was an invaluable experience that definitely I would like to repeat.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the training?

The workshops that I liked mostly were the “project management” and the “digital media strategy” ones. I also appreciated a lot the visit to Andalucía Business Park in the last day of the training. I had learned that without project management skills, a project can fail. Moreover, I had the opportunity to see and understand how to build a GANTT chart, a mind-map for creating a project and learn the importance of graphical software such as Photoshop.

I have also noticed that often a nice photo or video posted in the social media channels of a project that many people think is very important does not have any value if the core and outcomes of the projects are not good.

In your opinion, why digital skills are important for youth workers/volunteers?

All youth are 24 hours connected online and spend all their time chatting with their friends and posting photos on Facebook and Instagram. They get the latest news about the world through social media so not having digital skills would mean to be useless and not supportive for our local youth, not understanding their feelings and needs. In my opinion, we should always study and be updated in acquiring digital skills.