Gabriel BREZOIU – General Manager –  GEYC

Do you use digital and social media technologies in your daily organisation work?

Yes, we consider that digital technologies are one of the key aspects to be integrated into one youth organization work. Our organization started as a informal social media group (GEYC Community) and now gathers over 2500 members all over the country and in Diaspora (particularly in the Republic of Moldova through the #SupportMoldova programme, Therefore, digital is smoothly integrated in everything we are doing: we have e-meetings, e-appointments, GEYC Community is the main meeting place of our community to discuss and share opportunities, we coordinate projects through collaborative tools and we promote our work through social media. Moreover, GEYC initiated European Digital Youth Summit – EDYS ( annd PRISMA European Network (, a European coalition of youth led organisations interested to increase the quality of their work through digital technology.

Who is a digital Volunteer? What does a digital volunteer need to learn?

I think that a digital volunteer is a person volunteering in a digital organization. For a better understanding, we need to make a distinction between a digital organization (an organization that integrates digital tools in all their processes) and an organization using some digital means.

Such a volunteer needs to receive a training on how to use the organization digital tools for collaboration, promotion, project management etc.

How digital skills could help a volunteer/NGO employee to better manage a social project?

From my point of view, these tools are crucial for the efficiency of an organization: it saves you time and resources, it makes the activities easier to be tracked and it gives a feeling of belonging for the members. According to Digital Single Market principles, NGOs working and using digital tools are more likely to work as a network, to share good practices and to cooperate.

In your opinion, how are non-profit organisations facing the digital transformation? What can be done more or better?

I think NGOs are quite opened to new tools, but this also comes with a downside: sometimes they adopt every tool that they find without considering the optimization of the tool and the integration in the organizational processes using a strategy plan. Therefore, I advise all organisations, particularly the new ones to be more selective and to stop opening social media channels they don’t have the resources to manage, to stop using digital tools that are too complex for their activity and to try to identify easy to use and simple tools that are relevant and needed for their work.