Georgiana NUȚU – Vice President – GEYC

Tell us about the “eSkills for Volunteers” training experience.    

This international mobility was really intense for me because we had the opportunity to improve our knowledge regarding the social media skills and to share between us good practices and tips about a successful social media logo, post and so on and so forth.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the training?

During the training in Torremolinos, I found out which are the best tools to have a strong and valuable image in the social media and how to use them properly. I found out that there are many useful and easy mobile applications that can help you to create a professional post and photography in order for you to post them on the social media networks.

In your opinion, why digital skills are important for youth workers/volunteers?

Nowadays where are surrounded by technology and it is much more easier to spread the information in a digital way. But in order for me to do that properly, it is very important for me to be more focused on the digital skills. This way I will know how to promote my ideas and to make the others believe in what I am “selling”. I could say that the social media networks could be our best friends, but also our worst enemies if we don’t know what the digital skills are and how to use them.