Horia Trandafir – Mobility Friends

Do you use digital and social media technologies in your daily organisation work?

Yes, I use digital and social media technologies in my organisation’s daily work. I think in the world of today is impossible to not do that. Everything we use in our personal, and especially in our professional life is related to digital technologies. Whether it is just about sending one email to a partner, or searching for participants on the website, or disseminating different projects through different social media platforms, I think that my organisation will not be able to function, without using digital and social media technologies.

Who is a digital Volunteer? What does a digital volunteer need to learn?

A digital volunteer is a person that uses digital technologies for his volunteering project. We can see that in practice most commonly with volunteers in the European Voluntary Service that use social media to disseminate their projects, or to find people interested in participating in their activities. A digital volunteer needs to learn especially social media technologies, related to raising awareness about his/her project or about the topic of that project. Social media platforms nowadays have a much better reach then traditional marketing, so people everywhere in the world can have access to the information provided by the volunteers in an easy and familiar format.

How digital skills could help a volunteer/NGO employee to better manage a social project?

I think digital skills can help a volunteer/NGO employee to better manage a social project through the applications and platforms used for keeping track of tasks and deadlines. Working in an NGO usually involves communication with people from different and various countries that speak different languages. By dividing the tasks and deadlines and putting them on a platform used for keeping track of deadlines and tasks (ex. : Google Calendar), everybody can have access to this information in their own language, from their digital devices and in a familiar format that they can all understand.

In your opinion, how are non-profit organisations facing the digital transformation? What can be done more or better?

I think non-profit organisations are facing the digital transformation in a good way, because they have more freedom of communication in social media, for example.  Regarding the technical aspects, I think there are improvements to be done. Here, I am referring especially to the fact that most NGOs that I know work in the framework of Erasmus+ programme and they need to be accustomed to digital technologies even just for applying for a project, not to mention keeping track of partners and disseminating projects, getting visibility through the Internet. I think this can be overcome by involving the employees in IT&C related trainings, so that they can develop their skills.