Jesús Garrido Cámara – Asociación PROJUVEN

Tell us about the “eSkills for Volunteers” training experience.

It was an amazing experience where I had the opportunity to learn a lot of different methods applied in daily non-profits job, skills and tools that will be useful in my profession of youth volunteers. An invaluable value was the network of contacts created with other participants and for sure it will be useful for keeping in contact with them and create new other successful projects.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the training?

This training was organised very well and we have received a very good treatment and hospitality by the organisers, and the location was also very nice. What I learned mostly, was the importance and impact of social media inside a non-profit. In fact, if social media are used well, they can give visibility to organisation work and help to reach more people which otherwise would not know of many non-profit activities.

 In your opinion, why digital skills are important for youth workers/volunteers?

Digital skills are very important for the creation and dissemination of projects. There are many existing platform which promote project creation, collaboration and partnership but they are not used properly. What I strongly recommend is to study very well them through digital guide and e-learning courses on how to use effectively these tools.