Mădălina CONDREA – Project Collaborator – GEYC

Tell us about the “eSkills for Volunteers” training experience.

The “eSkills for Volunteers” training was a very useful experience for me because, as a member of an NGO, I have improved my knowledge in digital field for NGOs. I found applicable many examples of best practices, digital tools and social media strategies for NGOs, as well as personalized pieces of advice and suggestions for each participating NGO in this project, which was very useful for our future activities.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the training?

Considering the importance of social media channels for a NGO, one of the most interesting things I have learned during this project was how to create a strong and useful social media strategy, referring to the best channels for sharing information with the audience, how to create a content strategy (visual content such as photos, videos, infographics etc) and when is the proper time to post information on the social media channels for a high engagement (likes, shares, comments).

In your opinion, why digital skills are important for youth workers/volunteers?

I consider digital skills very important for volunteers for three main reasons. The first one is related to the visibility of our actions and activities in community because we can offer a good practice example to others. Secondly, I think that every youth worker / volunteer should be aware of the importance of digital skills and social media for a NGO to growth – without an online presence it’s very difficult to growth a NGO. Third of all, having good digital skills improves the skills of youth workers in the labor market and contributes to the society’s development.